Government Relations

Teddie Hathaway
Government Relations Chair
(415) 299-3381

The floating homes community is, by its nature and its limited size, the embodiment of a “special interest group.” From its formation, the FHA has devoted a substantial percentage of its energy and resources to establish and maintain the kinds of laws and codes that protect and serve the community. Beginning with the 1991 Floating Homes Residency Law, FHA has sought to establish and maintain the status of our community as a legitimate, well-regulated community, with the same rights and protections as any legal community on land. These protections can continue to be important over time, as laws and regulations that can threaten that legal status may arise, from time to time.

The Government Relations Committee works to establish and maintain cooperative, effective working relationships with elected officials and their staffs. It is important that floating homes residents have a recognized representative voice in the governmental arena, so that when problems and issues arise that affect our community, elected and appointed representatives know who we are and that we advocate for our community’s needs and interests.

When the opportunity to enact legislation that would benefit floating home residents is identified, we work with governmental agencies and lawmakers to move that legislation forward successfully, and to achieve the association’s goals. Two recent examples are: AB 2046, enacted in 2012, which exempts any floating home marina that is purchased by its residents from reassessment and AB 253, which paves the way for a marina purchased by its residents to form a condominium association.

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