Bay Watch

Please participate in the Richardson Bay Neighborhood Watch Program

If you see a leak coming from someone else’s sewer or water lines you should notify the neighbor if you can, and also immediately call your marina’s harbormaster.  If you can’t reach the marina, or if you see any suspicious outflow being discharged into the bay from any other location, call the RBRA Harbor Administrator.

Richardson Bay Harbor Administrator
Bill Price
pager (415) 451-9595
cell (415) 971-3919
BPrice @

Waldo Point Harbormaster
Mike Grossman
cell (415) 302 1895
Office/24 hour answering service (415) 332 6220

Kappas Marina Harbormaster
Ken Watsey
(415) 332-5510< kwatsey @

Commodore Marina Harbormaster
Steve Price
(415) 850-5200
steve @ or steve @

Yellow Ferry Harbormaster
Chris Tellis
(415) 332-9556

Galilee Harbor Community
(415) 332-8554

(By the way, people have repeatedly reported a rotten egg smell near the beginning of East Pier in Kappas Marina.  The smell comes from a natural sulfur spring that bubbles up from under the Bay.  It’s smelly, but natural and not harmful so it doesn’t need to be reported.)

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