Emergency Preparedness

For any emergency, including fire and sinking houseboat:
from a “Landline,” dial 911
from a cellphone, dial (415) 472-0911

Emergency Preparedness Chair
Flo Hoylman
(415) 332-1043

The Emergency Preparedness Committee of the FHA organizes various activities within our community to promote preparedness for emergencies such as fire, storms, and high tides.

At various trainings, residents have learned (and sometimes re-learned) how to pull out the hoses and turn on the nozzles. Representatives from the Marin City Fire Department have covered care and use of fire extinguishers/smoke detectors, how to shut off gas and electricity, and have discussed emergency contacts and answered questions.

Watch this space for more information and reports on community fire drills.

The Floating Homes Association now owns two high volume pumps to be used in the event of a sinking emergency. The pump is stored at the Marin City Fire Department and will be brought to an emergency site by calling 911 from a landline, OR FROM A CELLPHONE, dial (415) 472-0911.

Emergency preparedness activities by the FHA and residents may help prevent many of the disasters that have, from time to time, been visited upon the entire California coast.

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