Artists @ Issaquah

The Artists of Issaquah show, founded in 2003, nurtures both pre-professional and established artists and celebrates creative expression in our community. After a five-year break, the free event is returning as Artists@Issaquah!

The 2018 show featured the work of 17 artists, in ten floating homes, including handblown glass, jewelry, painting, photography, sculpture and watercolors. Read more about the event here.

Stay tuned for the next Artists@Issaquah Art Show and Sale in September 2020.

The artists from 2018 were:

Katharine Butler, etchings, wood relief prints, paintings on paper. Celebrating and marking the environment both natural and that which is touched by human hands.

Ricardo Castro, photography. I use photography as a means to call attention to things that others may overlook. My images draw viewers into engaging more deeply with primal sense of form, space, color, scale, and self-expression.

Tracy Corbin, linocut prints. I enjoy carving and printing the images I see around me every day, taking inspiration from travel, nature and text.​

Alissa DiFranco, pen, ink and puppets. My drawings and puppets are inspired from emotion, imagination and nature. The foliage, forms, roots, animals and tentacles are made up as I go, until lines and stitches accumulate into something familiar. Faces and limbs are shared, bodies borrowed and forgotten.

Barbara Leonard Duncan, pen and ink. Whimsy and fun on the high seas—especially since we’ve legalized marijuana.​

Patricia Lawrence, watercolors. My art theme is mostly about California landscapes especially water around the San Francisco Bay and coast.​

Lisa A. Manthe, acrylic paintings and assemblage. A practicing art therapist, Lisa believes that art is a way of creating community, vision, and voice.​

Laurie Fossier-Mills, mouth-blown and kiln-formed glass. Experimentation with forms capturing conscious and intuitive design directions, incorporating colour and texture, realise my purpose of creating work that calls out to be touched and contemplated.

John Ryan, acrylics, mostly. Brilliant colors, paint heaped and carved, images clear and distorted.

JJ Sibaila, designer, lapidarist, metalsmith. Exhibition of gold and silver jewelry, inlaid with semi-precious stones.​

Annie Sutter, watercolor. I paint scenes of the sea: coral reefs, the shifting light and color of the underwater world with fish, turtles, and dolphins that are often whimsical and always colorful.​

Katrina Wagner, ceramic. Professor of Studio art, ancient architectural history, and art history of the Americas at College of Marin, and MFA, California College of the Arts.​

Jim Woessner, painting and sculpture. Art is a response to the unconscious and the process of living from one’s imagination. Either I do it or I die. It’s that simple.​

Stephen Ehret, graphite and polymer transparent glazes on canvas. My paintings are autobiographical. Time and the flow of emotions over that time are the essential ingredients. The effects of light are metaphors to express the transcendent spirit.

Jarl Forsman, H2O Dancing: Photographic tote bags, prints, cards and coasters. These lively, colorful prints capture the ephemeral nature of reflections on the water of Richardson Bay as light and color mutate according to the time of day and the texture of the water.​

Robert Paul T., photography and paper collage. I invite you to celebrate the nexus between human and non-human animals. Crows, Smarter than Required; Celebrating Elephants; Ambassador Animals of WildCare; and Spies in the Sky: Owls.

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