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Floating Homes Association

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About Us

The Floating Homes Association is a volunteer civic group which represents the interests of the residents of the 400+ homes in five floating home marinas on Richardson Bay.

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The self-guided tour takes visitors inside some of the most fun and unique homes in the world. Docents will be on-board to describe the incredible waterfront lifestyle and answer questions.

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Be a part of your community. Keep in touch with what’s happening on your dock, in your harbor and in the community. Your membership is essential for the FHA to do it’s work.

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Committees are the life blood of our association. They monitor, investigate, educate and advocate issues of concern to all residents. Working together strengthens our sense of community. Join a committee - there’s work to be done!

From The Blog

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All Politics is Local | Save the Date: June 26

1st meet: Feb 28, County Supervisor Kate Sears – link to post
photo by Jenny Stein 

WHO: California State Assemblyman Marc Levine
WHAT: 2nd in the series to meet with our elected officials
WHEN: Sunday June 26 at 2pm
WHERE: […]

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A Boatload of Books

Welcome to a Boatload of Books

Our floating lifestyle attracts creative people, from authors to artists. This is a list of publications by current residents, along with books about our floating homes.


A Little Piece […]

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Post Office Box 3054
Sausalito, CA 94966